Why I do this job.

As we gear up for the 2006 wedding season, I cannot help but reflect on how far I've come. There have been so many wonderful changes to my business in that past 2-3 months--my new business name (formerly known as CF Photography), my new home and new studio, new website, etc...All these changes have made me reflect on what I do and why I do it--why, when there are so many other avenues of photographic work to be had in the Bay Area, why have I chosen to devote most of my time and effort to weddings? There are many photographers out there who wouldn't touch a wedding with a ten foot lens. :) Why do I find them so much fun?

A wedding is a unique combination of public spectacle and private revelation. Nowhere else will you find such emotional richness and physical beauty in the same place. The entire spectrum of human emotional expression, including joy, sadness, trepidation, silliness, sensuality, and friendship, can be found in a single wedding. Weddings are rich with meaning, and beautiful to photograph.

My favorite part of most weddings is the first dance. It begins as a public performance for the benefit of friends and family, a nod to tradition. And yet, there is always a point where the Bride and Groom begin to forget about everyone else and lose themselves in the moment. They laugh, they cry, they look into each other's eyes. We get to see the private side of their relationship for the first time. This transformation is incredible to watch, and even better to photograph.

Last year's brides, when you're sitting at home waiting for the laundry to be done, I hope you'll look at your pictures and remember this moment, especially when the monotony of everyday life starts to get you down.

And this years' brides, when you're making your lists of all the little details you think you can't get married without, think about moments like these, about the big picture of your relationship and your marriage, and how you want to remember them next year.

Good luck and much love to your both.

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