Alena and Sean's Album

This album is from an awesome wedding that I did in August of last year. I've been needing to make some new sample books for the studio, and Alena is so beautiful and her and Sean's wedding so emotional and fun, I thought it would be great for that! The album will be 13x13" and 60 pages. nice and big, and is a good example of the kind of layouts I do for all my books.

A few of my brides ask me if I can just give them coverage only, or coverage and negs...and I can, and I do. But I always feel a little sad when I edit their pictures, because I know what could have been. I'm thinking about the album when I shoot, which is one reason why I take so many detail shots--thinking about what shots would look good together, or shooting a series of the same moment to put next to each other. The difference between having a book like this, that tells a cohesive story, and just a bunch of (albeit great) shots on a disk, is massive. If you think in terms of movies, it's like the difference between the final edited film playing in the theater and the hours and hours of raw footage that it took to get there. You couldn't have the movie without the footage--but which one do you think will win the Oscar?

The great thing about this type of album (call it Magazine style, Collage, Flush Mount, Coffee Table Book, or whatever) is that the design is 100% customizable. Every design is one of a kind. I take the whole wedding into consideration when I design it, so that the colors, complexity, and juxtaposition match the wedding itself. Some weddings work better with a more straightforward layout, without a lot of effects, and some not--the beauty of these albums is that level of control. So when all is said and done, brides have a piece of artwork that represents everything that they love and remember about their wedding day.

Check out Sean and Alena's day below, or see it bigger here. You can make the pages go faster by clicking on them.

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