Ipod's for everyone!

How cool is this? I am thrilled to announce a unique new product for my 2006 weddings: Engraved His and Hers 30GB Video Ipods with 300 of your best wedding images set to music in a beautiful slideshow! Using Apple's groundbreaking technology and streamlined design, you can take your wedding pictures (plus your favorite songs and videos) with you everywhere you go.

Later in the year, I am planning to introduce Ipod proofing into the mix. Here's how it would work: We shoot the Engagement session, and when your proofs are posted online you would receive your Ipod, populated with all 1-200 of the engagement shots and with numbers which correspond to those on the website so you can order reprints easily. Then on the wedding day you give the Ipod back to us, and we mail it to you a week later with all your wedding pictures added plus your slideshow. You could take it on your honeymoon! Alternatively, those with a little more computer know-how could keep the Ipod, and download the slideshow in podcast format from ITunes.

Image quality on these Ipods is gorgeous! They could replace the proof book as a portable, fun way of sharing your pictures with your friends and family, and of course the Ipods will have plenty of room left over for your own pictures, songs, and video!

Stay tuned for more on this innovative method of image sharing!

UPDATE: His and Hers Video Ipod Slideshows are now available free with our Level 6 package and above! For pricing information on the Ipods and all other packages, please email me!

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