Fish Out of Water: a film by Ky Dickens

Fish Out of Water is a documentary by Ky Dickens that looks at the impact of homosexuality and religion on America...exploring the seven most notorious Bible passages on the subject with the help of theologians from across the religious spectrum. Presented as a mix of insightful interviews, endearing animation, and witty illustrations, Fish out of Water takes the subject (but not itself) seriously.

Golden-Globe nominated Kaki King, whose music has been featured in films like Into the Wild and Twilight, created the original score for this genre-bending work.

This is a really important film and, while I was contacted months ago about contributing images to it, nothing prepared me for the excitement of actually seeing my pictures in the trailer--I think I scared the dogs yelling so loud when I played it. I think there are at least 2-3 of my gay wedding images in there, and possibly more in the full feature. It's premiering at Outfest in LA on July 18th, I wont be able to be there but if any of you live in LA you should go, you can buy tix on the website.

Here's the website with the trailer:

And here is a fascinating Chicago Reader article about filmmaker Ky Dickens, why she made this film, and what she hopes to do with it, here.