New studio!!!!

Okay, well it's not THAT new (we've been here a month), but the blog is new, so I thought I'd brag a bit here. After working out of my home office and meeting clients at restaurants and Starbucks' for so long, it was time to get a place I could call my own. THIS IS IT! In a quiet, beautiful neighborhood, ten minutes north of Berkeley and 60 seconds from I-80, sits my new home, the front part of which has been converted into my new studio. I cannot express what a difference it makes to have a whole environment dedicated to my work --to have huge, beautiful prints on the walls, many albums and proof books on the shelves, and, best of all, a 32" flat screen TV to show my slideshows on!

I live and breathe photography, and in this environment my clients really get to see that. And it must be worth it, because I've been booking the overwhelming majority of clients who have come seen me here! Which is good, because I've already spent WAY too much money outfitting the studio and now I need to make some of it back!

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