Pictage Partner Conference LA-- 2006

Some people may remember me talking about the first Pictage Partner-Con, and how much it changed my life and the way I do business. Everything the speakers said was exactly what I needed to hear, and I attribute much of the speed and intensity of my success to things I learned there.

So it was a real honor to be asked to photograph this year's Partner-Con on behalf of Pictage--and not just because of the free room and board either. Think about it--a company with over 5000 photographers at their disposal, some of whom are the most successful and well known in the industry, and they picked ME to shoot it for them. Wow.

I raced around like a madwoman for 2 days straight, trying to get shots of everyone and everything, sometimes attending up to four simultaneous events. Being the official photographer also provided me with a chance to get to know some of the "big names" in photography personally--and I'm so honored that my work is now appearing on some of their websites and blogs!

But the coolest part was realizing that people are actually starting to find out who I am too. Some of the people I was excited to meet, were just as excited to meet me! It was bizarre and fabulous at the same time.

Here is a brief selection of some of my favorite images from the event:


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