Claremont Resort and Spa, Berkeley CA

Nancy Zabala and Shonn Graham

My E session with Nancy and Shonn on the Berkeley campus brought back a lot of memories, it seems like a lifetime ago that I moved here from New York to go to Cal, trudging around campus in the El Nino rains and thinking that the winters here sure are mild. It was nice to explore the campus again from a photographic point of view, I never realized how many beautiful spots there are on it.

Nancy and Shonn were married at a beautiful church that I didn't even know existed, in the heart of West Berkeley, and their reception at the Claremont hotel (where I've been dying to work for years) was the icing on the cake. And speaking of cake...they had the yummiest dessert bar with these excellent little lemon tortes (tarts? tartlets? whatever), I couldn't resist taking a few of them with me--call it a tip. Brian considers himself very lucky that they made it through the drive home without being eaten...



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