Dublin Ranch Wedding, Dublin CA, September 7 2006

Okay, first of all this wedding was a bit of a milestone for me, because when Laura and Aaron hired me way back in fall of '05, it marked the first wedding I had booked from an event coordinator referral. Thanks to my partnership with Pictage and the conference they put on last year, I had learned somewhat early in my career as a business owner that the key to long term success was building up a network of referral partners, and that all the really successful wedding photographers got most of their work via word of mouth. I took that message to heart, making a point to be generous with my images and my time with other wedding professionals, and this wedding was the first time it had begun to pay off. So I was psyched. Plus Laura and Aaron seemed like such genuinely nice people, and were really impressed with my work. So I was really looking forward to the big day.

There were a few things I didn't count on, however--I didn't count on how BEAUTIFUL Laura would look in her dress, or how much chemistry there would be between Aaron and her, or how much fun her friends were and how willing and eager they were to try anything. I love it when my clients want to collaborate, when they have ideas of their own, when they are prepared to have fun and enjoy being photographed. Laura, Aaron, and their friends were all that and more.

I guess I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I will say one more thing though--by the end of the night, when everyone had seen the slideshow and at least 30 people had come up to me and told me how incredible the shots were, when I was packing up to go home, Laura came up to me and told me that everyone loved the pictures SO much, she was actually sick of hearing how great they were! Now THAT's a compliment!


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