Paaaaarty!! Teresa and Justin, May 28 2006

Teresa and Justin's wedding was awesome! I was referred to Teresa by Joan Smith, owner of Celebrations For Hire, who coordinated Erica and Andy Zandona's wedding last year. All of Joan's referrals have always been great people, so when she called and told me Teresa was looking at my work, I knew I wanted to do this wedding.

And I was not disappointed. Teresa and Justin and their friends are party people to the max. The outdoor location was really pretty, and I loved that the dance floor was so big so I could do all kinds of neat angles on dancing shots. Justin dancing with his daughters was great! And Justin and Teresa were really sweet when we went off to take the couple shots, even though it was almost the end of the night. It took them a bit to stop hamming it up, but they finally realized they were alone (well, almost alone--I don't count) and started canoodling.

That's my new favorite word, by the way. Canoodling. Sounds like some kind of fattening Italian dessert.

Anyway, check out that car! There was no shortage of COLOR at this wedding. I had a great time...and apparently they liked me too, cuz I got invited to the after party! Teresa made me put my camera down and have a drink. I had a really great time getting to know everybody, especially Aaron, the officiant and Teresa's best friend. But after a few glasses the adrenaline wore off and I realized how tired I was, so I headed home.

To see Teresa and Justin's slideshow, click here.

To see the full wedding proofs when they are up (in about 2 weeks), click here.

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