Diane and Kevin, and being in synch

This is Diane and Kevin. Their wedding is this weekend (June 17). They hired me about 2 months ago, site unseen. We shot their Engagement session last week. These are the prints they are buying to display at the wedding.

Diane and Kevin were my first referral from the WPJA, after I got in a few months ago (see this post for more). They are pretty cool clients, some of the coolest ever. They are really easy and fun to work with. Within minutes of meeting me, they were able to forget they were being photographed, and let me see who they really are. In looking over the proofs, they ignored the more conventional shots in favor of the ones with interesting color, unique compositions, meaning...the ones where my hand is very evident. The ones I like, in other words...the ones that go into my portfolio. The ones I shot for me.

I'll post more about them after their wedding. I just think it's cool that we're that in synch. I think it's great I've had a lot of clients like that this year, and I'm getting more all the time. I think it's the best when shooting for me, and shooting for them, is the same thing.

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