I got tagged...

it's like a game you play with blogs, apparently. Jennifer Longaway tagged me so now I have to write 8 interesting things you may not know about me and see if I can get 8 other people to do it too...reminds me of chain letters (the pre-email version of spam).

So here goes:

1. In elementary school I was addicted to Sweet Valley High books. So much so that, when we were given an assignment to write a novel in 4th grade, I basically totally copied the plot of one of them (the one where Jessica gets kidnapped) almost verbatim, changing the names and details around a little bit. The teacher had no idea but all the girls in the class called me out on it. I didn't really get why they were so upset...Since then I've become slightly more respective of copyright.

2. Also in elementary school (kindergarten), most of my friends had allergies to something, asthma, lactose intolerance, etc...but I was perfectly healthy and terribly jealous of them. So I made up that I was allergic to wax.

3. My favorite food right now is Palapa Azul coconut sorbet pops.

4. My childhood pet cat's name was Paul. He was named after my best friend's dad. He lived to be 17 and I took a trip out to Long Island, New York to scatter his ashes after he died at our old house there.

5. I was terrified of the little finger stick blood test machine at the doctor's when I was a kid, so my mom used to bribe me with promises of a hot fudge sundae at this gourmet ice cream place after the Dr.'s appointment.

6. When I was 17 I shaved my head, except for two long thin pieces in the front that were kind of like bangs. Those I dyed various colors. They hung in my face and people constantly used to ask me if I could see properly (they weren't THAT big).

7. When I was 5, my favorite movie was Annie. My favorite record was the Annie soundtrack. I used to play it and sign along, and my favorite song on it was "Maybe"...but I couldn't get through the song without crying (it's a sad song).

8. My first paid job was as a waitress in a restaurant two blocks from my house. I got $2/hr plus tips. My first paid photo gig was photographing a painting student's canvases with slide film, for her art school portfolio. I got $50.

Okay, your turn to embarass yourselves. I'm tagging James Sanders, Angela Banchi, Nathan Smith, Juliet Nicole,
Tiffany Fosnight, Rose Hyc, Millie Holloman, and Jen Manuele.

PS Nice work Jen and thanks for the shout out! Now can I make you come over to my home office and do all the work I should have been doing while I was doing this? :)


Rose said...

Hi Lauren,

Well, I guess I'm it. I got your tag. So, now you know that I subscribe to your blog. ;) Hope to talk to you soon.


jennifer said...

now that wasn't so bad! i think i read 1 sweet valley high books... it didn't hook me in. :)