Puppy Update, 3 weeks

Well, we finally got to visit--the last 3 weeks positively CRAWLED by, especially with only one wedding to shoot (no one gets married on Easter, apparently). Here are some pics of the puppies and mama at 3 weeks. It was really cute when we got home, Luna spent about 20 minutes sniffing us from head to toe and searching for the puppies. Finally she decided there weren't any in my shoes and gave up with a sigh.

EDIT: 4.5 week individual pics are up on Carrie's website:it's a little too early to tell yet but so far we are leaning toward "Honor" or "Gizmo" as faves. They're all so consistent in quality, it is really hard to tell who is better than whom--I do believe Tonka really watched out for us in helping us find this amazing litter.

When we see them again next weekend (at 6.5 weeks) we should be much closer to knowing who we like best, although final evaluations and choice wont happen until 8 weeks. The puppy's coming is finally seeming like a reality, and I can't wait to get him home and start raising him!

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Kitty in a Basket said...

Aw, they're soo adorable!