New Website is Here!

I am so proud of this site! In addition to being much easier to update, and therefore consisting almost entirely of brand new work, it really represents a new era in the way I see my work.

Before I bought the site, I sat down tried to write out what exactly it is that characterizes my style of photography. This proved to be much harder than I thought--it's one thing to do it, it's quite another to be able to talk about it: I am so involved in my work that it was very hard to see it from the outside. But I got some feedback from Brian, who has seen my work evolve over the past 10 years and looks at everything I shoot, and that got me started in thinking about my work in a more detached way. I was able to make a list of all the things that I do well, those things that continually define my work and set me apart. Then I narrowed this list down to four key themes: real beauty, real emotion, real moments, and real decor; and divided all the images on the site into one of these four categories. I then wrote a "style" page that explains the four themes, what they mean to me and what they look like, and what they mean to those who hire me. And everything just kinda fell into place after that...

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