Wedding Wednesdays, Day 2

Bryan and Robby : Ted and Brian : Molly and April

Images have now been added to the Wedding Wednesdays slideshow from Day 2: see the post below to check it out. It was awesome! A little smoother since we had already done Day 1...but no less meaningful. I was particularly happy to hear Brian's toast, which invoked all the guests to get out and vote against Measure 8, which if it passes would reinstate the ban on same sex marriage ((shudder)).

(by Jessamyn)




Also please note the new, extended deadline on my Fabulous Gay Wedding Giveaway! I realized that because the court ruling didn't go into effect until the middle of June, many couples are still getting their plans together for a fall wedding. Therefore to give everyone enough time to have their plans solidified before they enter, I have extended the contest deadline to October 31st. Entry information and full contest rules can be found here.


Jessamyn Harris said...

I love those two couple shots you took! absolutely beautiful, I love seeing the different perspectives we got.

JLC said...

Hi Lauren and all,

I just noticed that the newspaper association that the East Bay Express belongs to did a blurb on the weddings (see Editor & Publisher also did a Page One story. It's great for other newspapers across the country to see another example of community involvement like this. Hopefully, it will spark and idea for another paper for this or another worthy cause.

Anyway, I can't thank you enough for all your hard work on Wedding Wednesdays. You really are one of the best photographers I have ever worked with. A million thanks. Couldn't have done this without you.
Jody Colley
East Bay Express

Deanna Quinton Larson said...

That first shot is just killing me. I love it!! You've really captured something special here.