Crystal Springs Golf Club, Burlingame CA

What a fun wedding! And what a gorgeous site! Christy and Jon were married at the Crystal Springs Golf Club in Burlingame, CA--unlike most golf clubs, Crystal Springs has a completely seperate area for weddings, consisting of a very long processional path ending in a gazebo on a cliff which overlooks a quiet wooded valley. It feels kind of like a moor in Scotland--yet you're minutes away from SF.

Christy got ready in a nearby hotel, and we actually had some extra time to shoot pictures before the ceremony. I made sure to take lots of detail shots and flattering pictures of Christy backlit next to the window.

The reception was great--this family knows how to party!

Here's wishing Christy and Jon a very happy honeymoon and a happy life together.

Christy and Jon's Collage.

Christy and Jon's Awesome Slideshow. (made using Showit Web v2)

To preregister to see ALL the pictures when they are ready (approx. 3 weeks from now), go to this site and follow the instructions for registration.

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